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CEMSAN, which has designed, developed and manufactured more than 550 Meat Processing Plants worldwide with the most modern techniques since 1987; In addition to its professional knowledge, capacity to develop innovations, production quality and after-sales services for more than 34 years, it aims to respond to the needs of the sector by introducing two new brands at all exhibiton Show platforms.

CEMSAN has built large-capacity facilities for many Red Meat slaughterhouse investors in its projects. The daily capacity of these large facilities starts with 500 or 1000 cattle and sheep and reaches up to 5,000 to 8,000 daily depending on the investment goals.

Along with the pandemic process, large-capacity slaughterhouse investments, the prolongation of the project waiting-evaluation period due to the variability of thinking-decision-making-financing and loan opportunities on the investor's side, the individual investor's desire to respond to the meat demand of the sector, and the importance of small capacity especially for the local red meat consumption need of the sector. CEMSAN could not ignore that it was an issue. CEMSAN developed and designed 6 types of projects by working intensively with the R&D unit for many years in order to provide professional solutions for small capacity slaughterhouse investments and CEMSAN named these new type of slaughterhouse projects SMART SLAUGHTERING SOLUTIONS.

SMART SLAUGHTERING SOLUTIONS concept has 6 different type of projects. For detailed information about these 6 types of projects, you can visit

1. Multi Functional Slaughterhouse 2. Sheep Mobile Slaughterhouse 3. Compact Slaughterhouse MODEL I 4. Compact Slaughterhouse MODEL II 5. Mobile Cold Room Unit 6. Mobile Meat Processing Unit.

On the other hand, CEMSAN present the LALE Cutting Tools in accordance with EU quality standards for slaughterhouses to the investers. For detailed information LALE cutting tools you can visit

CEMSAN is presenting production, assembly and after-sales services with a wide range of products, which attaches great importance to hygiene, ergonomics, safety, quality, animal welfare and butcher's health in every production, with reference to more than 550 slaughterhouses and meat processing. CEMSAN’s at all exhibition show, which meets all kinds of machinery and equipment needs of all slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities of all capacities, including the highest standards, is worth visiting.




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