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1-İşleme Platformu.png

Processing Platform

It is the platform on which butchers work while on the processing line of small cattle. There is a knife sterilized hand wash sink on it. The blade is also sterilized; There are 5 knives and 1 table chamber.


Processing Line - Twin Rail

2-İşleme Hattı - İkizray.png

It is a manual twin-ray system in which small cattle are transported during processing. In the manual system, the progress of the ovine is provided by a staff.

3-İşleme Hattı - Otomatik.png

Automatic Processing Line

It is the conveyor system where small cattle move forward to see the processes in the processing line.


Sheep Hook

The line used to transport the sheep  is the car.

4-Asma Arabası.png
5-Koyun Deri Yüzme.png

Sheep Dehider

The  sheep dehider operates with rotational and linear movements. The platform assists butcher to remove the skin more easily. This upgraded version of the dehider is presented as four-armed. The height of the dehider is adjustable to the height of the line. The dehided skin goes to a chute or, skin room via band conveyor.


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