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Cold Room Twin Rail

It is a twin rail line used in cold rooms, quarter or half carcass storage. The size of the line is calculated according to the amount of carcass meat to be stored.


Pre-Cooling and Corridor Conveyor

2-Ön Soğutma Koridor Konveyörü.png

It is an automatic twin-ray line system that will be used to reduce the meat grades of sheep and cattle that are cut and turned into carcasses.

3-Et İndirme ve Çeyrekleme Elevatörü.png

Meat Lowering and Quartering Elevator

After the carcass is cut in half, it provides quartering of the carcass and automatically lowering the meat.


Carcass Loading Arm

It is used to transport meat. It has a fixed foot, a piston, a tank and a pump. The hydraulic piston will be connected to an arm. The arm will make the up-down movement thanks to the piston, and the right-left movement will be provided by two bearings in the main body. In the system, there will be an arm-mounted control that will be used by the person who will do the loading. There will be a stainless hook at the end of this control that will be attached to the carcass. The system will be completely made of stainless steel.

4-Karkas Yükleme Kolu.png
5-Kanca Geri Dönüş Konveyörü.png

Hook Return Conveyor

The hooks are lowered back to the usage area in a controlled manner by the drive of the gear chain gear with the elevator and the reducer motor. Pallets that touch the chains frequently prevent sudden accelerations on the hook and prevent the uncontrolled swing of the chains connected to the hook.


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