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Dairesel Kesim Hücresi

Rotational Ritual Trap

The Circular Slaughter Cell is an operator-controlled machine that ensures that the cattle to be slaughtered are brought to a suitable position for slaughter, without the need for manpower, in maximum safety and in series. It can be cut by turning 90° and 180°. Suitable for halal slaughter. It has CE certificate. cattle drop pan and pneumatic entry gate; They are the machine parts that are sent together with the control panel and the Transformer Circular Cutting Cell. FDA 21 CRF (Food Codex Compliance) certified pneumatic pistons, hose and 


Ritual Trap

Classic KeshimmerIts cell is the machine used for laying the cattle on the ground for slaughter, by releasing the foot thanks to the movable base.



After slaughtering the cattle, it is attached to the bleeding hooks. By attaching the hook to the elevator, the animal is lifted to the bleeding line. It is sent with one gear motor, two sprockets and the chain that provides the movement transfer between these gears. Although the conveyor is designed to be mounted at an angle of 45° as standard, the mounting angle of the conveyor can be changed according to the desired angle according to the abattoir conditions.

kaldirma elev


It is the crane used for lifting the cattle cut from the classical slaughter cell or circular slaughter cell to the bleeding line.  Chassis, engine, 2 drums, sprocket, link chain and stainless gear used in lifting are sent to the facility.

kaldirma vinc
Kanama Kancası.png

Bleeding Hook

It is the hook used when the cattle are on the bleeding line in order to be attached to the bleeding hooks and sent to the cattle processing department after the slaughter of the cattle. A 1.5 meter stainless steel chain, one hook reel and two bearings, Ø8 x 28 mm in size, are sent with the hook.

Kanama kanc

Bleeding Line - Manual

It takes a certain time for the blood to flow out of the body after slaughtering the cattle. After this cut, the separated blood is sent to the blood collection tank. It is the line to be used to send the flowing blood from a certain line to the blood collection tank. The movement of the animal will be provided manually by human power.

Kanama Hattı Manuel.png
kanama hat
hareket plt
Kuyruk Açma Platformu Hareketli.png

Pneumatic Tail Opening Platform

It is the platform used to open the tail area of the animal by moving the butcher up and down by means of a pneumatic piston. Thanks to the space in front of the platform and the foot pipe, the butcher cuts easily. Due to the hygienic conditions, there will be a butcher apron washing cabinet and a knife sterilized hand washing sink along with the platform. There will be 5 knives and 1 table place in the sterilized section.

Tail Opening Platform

It is a platform designed to open the tail of the animal and facilitate the next operation. As a standard, there is a sterilized hand wash sink with the platform. There are 5 knives and 1 table place in the sterilized section.

Kuyruk Açma Platformu Sabit.png
Sabit kuyruk pltf
Kan tankı.png

Blood Tank

It is the tank where the blood of slaughtered cattle and sheep is stored. Thanks to the spiral system in it, the blood is prevented from collapsing and coagulating and it is distributed homogeneously. The evacuation of blood from the tank is provided by a pump.

Capacity: 2, 5 and 10 Tons


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