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Otomasyon ve Taşıma Sistemleri

Automation and Handling Systems


Conveyors used in handling systems are mostly used for product loading, product unloading and transportation between production areas.

It can be produced in various widths according to the size of the parcel to be transported. It can be designed in any lenght and in different alignments on project basis.


Palet Taşıma

Conveyors used in pallet handling systems are generally conveyors designed for heavy load transportation. Operational alignment of heavy loads is provided in the shipping areas.

The flat conveyors and rotating tables used in the system ensure that heavy pallets are stretched and ready for shipment.


Conveyors used in package transport systems are conveyors that have the transfer feature from the product exit to before the shrink.

The width and length dimensions of the conveyors are determined based on the capacity as a result of the project analysis.

It is the most suitable choice for reducing costs in industrial packaging facilities and for long distance (inplant) transfer.

Paket Taşıma


Ürün Taşıma

Conveyors in product transport systems are transfer systems which used in the production phases.

Product transport conveyors, which are generally used in bulk transport and filling facilities, are designed and manufactured according to production lines.

Conveyor types are selected completely according to the structure, type and weight of the product to be transfported.


Conveyors used in Basket-Case transport systems enable the transport of packed or unpacked products within the facility with the help of crates and baskets.

Conveyors thah generally transfer the products to the empty box line within the facility are designed according to the type of case to be transported. 

The conveyors used for the transport of empty boxes and baskets returning to the production lines also provide the passage of these equipments through the streilization tunnels.

Sepet Taşıma

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