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8- İşkembe Temizleme Makinası.png

Tripe Cleaning Machine

It is the machine used for cleaning the tripe whose pulp is removed. The machine has hot and cold water inlets. The washing process is carried out thanks to the special construction of the grate type drum in the machine.


Intestine Cleaning Machine

9- Bağırsak Temizleme Makinası.png

It is a machine used for hygienic cleaning of the intestines by means of hot water.

10- Şut Sistemi.png

Chute System

On the lower floor of the room where the rumen, skin, head, feet and intestines separated from the cattle are separated, chutes are used. The dimensions of the chutes vary according to the location of the facility and for what purpose it will be used. While the diameter of the chute varies according to the intended use of the chute, the length of the chute changes according to the location of the rooms in the facility. The undesirable results of rapid falls and high height are absorbed by the tilting method in the shots.


Head and Liver Hanger

It is a hanging system used in the cold rooms of the head and liver.

11- Kelle İç Organ Askısı.png
12- Kelle İç Organ Taşıma Arabası.png

Head and Internal Organs Troley

It is a hooked carriage in which organs such as the head and liver are transported.


Meat Trolley

13- Et Taşıma Arabası.png
14- Kanca Taşıma Arabası.png

Hook Trolley

It is the trolley used to transport the hooks that are free at the end of the line to the starting point of the line.


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