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The main objectives of Cemsan Human Resources policies are to keep

the motivation of its employees high, to strengthen their loyalty to the institution. to ensure the emergence of productive works,

in accordance with the principle of transparency any

kind of communication using the necessary communication

resources. to prepare an environment for the sharing of

opinions and ideas, To increase productivity by providing

a comfortable and safe work environment.

Personnel selection and placement process at

Cemsan culture, company goals, and position-specific

competencies so as to find and place the most suitable

candidate on the basis of is done. Equal opportunity

principle is observed in recruitment, Evaluations

are made based on knowledge and experience.

İnsan Kaynakları Politikamız


Vacancies and vacancies are published on the human resources website Applications made through are evaluated by the Human Resources Department.

Başvuru Süreci


The interview process is started with the positive candidates as a result of the evaluation. The interview process of the Human Resources and the relevant department manager is followed by the practical interview. While evaluating the interview and test results, their professional and technical knowledge as well as their competence in the subjects of conformity with the corporate culture, analytical thinking, creativity are also evaluated. Candidates who complete the process positively are offered a job.

İş Görüşmeleri


Technical, behavioral and managerial competencies of employees are measured, monitored and improved.

Trainings are organized for both professional and personal development of all employees, organizational market conditions and developments in technology are immediately reflected in the training plans.

New technologies are followed, and infrastructure is continuously developed for the purposes of employees' rapid access to resources, effective participation in management and rapid communication with customers.

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