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Since the first day we started our service, we have been constantly improving with both our quality and after-sales support. With the pride of having signed 600 facilities, we are preparing content for you in the CEMSAN.NET blog section in order to provide solutions to the problems that companies encounter during investment and to provide benefits.


Before we start our article, let's get to know salmon a little better.

SALMON, also known as salmon, comes from the Salmonidae family of the Salmoniformes class. In fact, they are from the Salmo, Salmothymus, Stenodus and Oncorhynchus genera of this family. Atlantic Salmon and Pacific Salmon breeds grow in fresh water, move to the sea, and return to fresh water to spawn. They also live as nomads. I liken it very much to our Black Sea people. In fact, the people who migrate to the plateaus in the summer to produce natural products return to their own homes in the winter, passing through those difficult roads... I think our Black Sea Salmon gets its name from here and adapts to the region.

Like the wild Black Sea waves, they show incredible effort in this migration, overcoming difficult obstacles, trying to jump meters above low waterfalls and defying the current. They keep going around like a Ferris wheel and somehow come back to their birthplace. There is a rumor that they come by smell. After seeing that Salmon derives from the Latin root Salmo and takes its name from Salire (To Jump), I believe that it came by jumping. Meanwhile, when we look at the distance traveled, which is calculated as 1500-2000 km, it shows how advanced the direction determination of living things is. Of course, there is also their undeniable success in dealing with the threats of birds, bears and many wild animals waiting to hunt them during this migration. Many experiments and analyzes have been carried out on this creature, countless studies have resulted in many interesting findings. We will examine the details of these separately in our future contents.

It is a fact that such a valuable creature will of course have an undeniable economic volume. The GNP ratio of Norway, one of the world's largest salmon producers, plays a major role in the processing and marketing of salmon. Although Chile saw this fact and captured the 1st League for once by producing more salmon than Norway in 2004, Norway still contributes significantly to its economy from salmon. Salmon production has gained great momentum in our country in response to the intense demand in recent years, and although it has not reached the place it deserves with serious investments, a certain distance has been made. Although this economic value appears to be because their meat is very popular, it also determines the demand for caviar of the socialite life. The biggest role in why caviar has such a high commercial value is, of course, due to the fact that the people of Russia love the vast geography where the sun rises and sets on some land.

Let's not forget the Sushi of Japan. Let's talk about how much share we, as a country, should get from this commercial value. While it is said to be a country surrounded by seas on 3 sides and provides serious economic returns, the production and processing of Turkish (Black Sea) Salmon, which is taking firm steps towards the brand, is of great importance. Meanwhile, serious state incentives are provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. As long as investors accept the European Union standards, they want the product to operate according to these standards. Good work is being done by ARDSI (Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution) itself. This program includes precautionary measures. You need to confirm that you are in all 42 support provinces. Processing and Marketing of Seafood is included under these measures under the subheading 103-4. During the application to the institution, experienced expert personnel already provide the necessary detailed information to investors. Where else do we understand the importance given by the state and public institutions? A workshop on salmon processing and cultivation was held in October last year. Organizations within the producer unions established according to Law No. 5200 have gradually increased. The unions, which were given a legal infrastructure, started to carry out various studies for the Black Sea Salmon. With more technological processing and breeding techniques, it has been possible to produce healthier, environmentally friendly fish in the ecological balance that the Black Sea has given us.

Turkish salmon, which has high nutritional standards and is raised in the Black Sea, is only recently known in the world, but its recognition is rapidly increasing. Turkish salmon, which will rival Atlantic salmon in terms of size, visibility, meat quality and market advantage, has opened the doors of opportunity for the sector. The Republic of Turkey, whose country target started with 1,500 tons, increased its 2023 target to 100,000 tons based on the increasing demand in the world, especially Japan, Russia, Spain and Germany. Turkish Salmon, which has been under the spotlight in other countries in terms of taste and quality, continues its difficult journey by attracting attention and has increased the number of exported countries to 30.


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